16 Top Road Trip Gadgets to Make Your Hill Station Vacation More Convenient

There is no vacation better than a fun and thrilling road trip with friends. A lot of you might have already planned a road trip to the hill station for the upcoming holidays. Sometimes these plans work out, while a lot of times they don’t.

Top Road Trip Gadgets to Make Your Hill Station Vacation More Convenient

However, the incredible feeling of being on the road with your most favourite tunes blaring at the stereo and the amazing company of your friends, makes a road trip experience so fascinating. That being said, unfortunately, road trips do have their share of shortcomings. There may be some contingencies that you have to be prepared for.  Hence, to ensure that your road trip experience is convenient and comfortable, we have come up with a list of 17 gadgets that you must carry along. Our list will include both basic and high-end gadgets that will help you on the road and during the vacation. With these handy gadgets, you’ll enjoy your journey to the fullest.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

No vacation is ever complete without a good company, good food and good music. You would have taken care of the first two but as for the third, you need a good speaker. So, buy a portable speaker which has a good battery backup and gives a nice and clean sound output. Before leaving for the trip, do charge your speaker to the full. Also, carry a charger for the safe side. You can connect the speaker and enjoy loud music while driving.

Magnetic Compass

Yes, we know you have the Google Maps in your phone. So, do you still need a magnetic compass or a navigator? 100% a Yes! Why? Two reasons – One, it is a road trip and two, it is a hill station. There will be times when you won’t have anyone around to ask for directions. You cannot rely solely on the network on your phone. Thus, it is a good idea to have a magnetic compass to at least be aware of the directions in case, you ever get lost. 


Another must-have gadget for a road trip is binoculars. It will be especially, helpful if you are going to a hill station with some sanctuary or a safari. Wouldn’t hurt to spot a tiger or two? 

USB utility charge tool

When you are carrying a plethora of gadgets with you, don’t you need a tool to keep them charged? Yes, right? So, having a USB utility charging tool will solve this problem for you. It is a tool which has multiple connectors. You can use this tool to charge almost all the gadgets. 

Power bank

When you have a power bank in your bag, you no longer need to worry about your phone. A power bank is the best gadget to charge your phone as well as the other compatible devices. 

Life straw

Never leave for a road trip without a life straw. A life straw is perfect for camping, hiking, travel and emergencies. It is capable of turning over 1000 litres of contaminated water into safe and hygienic water for drinking.

Multi-Plug Adaptor

Irrespective of the country you are going to, if you have a multi-plug charger, you can charge your gadgets via distinct outlets. You can pick for one that has four adapters integrated into a single device. Both online and offline, you can find a diverse range of adaptors that will help you plug different devices. Some of these even have USB ports.  


In a hill station, there will be times when during the trek, the road is narrow and the sky is dark. It is when having a torch comes handy. Torch also proves to be useful if you are staying in a jungle camp or tents. Do carry extra batteries for the safe side.

Swiss Army Knife

You cannot ever plan a vacation without a Swiss army knife. It is one legendary tool which comes with a myriad of tools such as a tweezer, a multi-purpose hook, a knife, scissors, and a wire stripper. It is undoubtedly a must-have tool for travellers.  

A mini-foldable iron

A crinkled piece of clothing isn’t appealing. So, to keep your clothing wrinkle-free, you need an iron. Now, depending on the amount of space you can spare, you can either opt for a foldable iron or a mini iron.

Immersion rod or heater

If it is a hill station, it is going to be chilly. During the cold weather, having an immersion rod can be handy. It will get you some warm water on the go. Depending on the source of water, you can use it for bathing or drinking.

Earphone Splitter

While you are on the road, you would want to plug in your earphones and listen to music. But, won’t your friends feel bored while you are engrossed in music? So, share music with this earphone splitter and let them enjoy with you.

Swivel Fork and Knife Set

When you go backpacking, there will be a lot of times when you’ll need a fork and knife. A compact set of fork and knife will suffice all your needs.

Bag Light

Another must-have handy gadget for your travel is a bag light. It is compact so you can attach this LED light to your handbag. So, when you travel in the dark, you have light to keep you aware of the roadblocks or obstacles.  

Selfie Ring Light

Want flawless selfies even in the dark? Attach a good quality battery operated selfie ring light to your phone and you are sorted.

A quality camera

Of course, we have high-end phones today but nothing beats a DSLR. So, if you are keen on taking pictures, a quality camera is a must.