43 hairpin bends on the steep road from Manjur to Mulli

Located on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India, the Manjur-Mulli Road is one of the steepest drives with hairpin corners in the country. The curvy road is a bit challenging, but the scenery is worth the ride.

Manjur-Mulli Road

How long is the road from Manjur to Mulli?

The road is 28.1 km (17.46 miles) long, running from Manjur to Mulli. It’s paved, but the journey is dangerous and challenging for drivers, with some narrow sections. The road is very twisty all the way between both cities and can be crowded on weekends and holidays. Meandering through the forest, along the route, you can see signs of elephant migration.

How challenging is the road from Manjur to Mulli?

Located in the southern part of the country, the road tops out at 1,860m (6,102ft) above sea level near its start. It can be extremely challenging during rain and fog periods. The most challenging part of the drive is a brutal 9.8 km (6.08 miles) long section with 43 continuous hairpin bends. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 630 meters, and the average gradient is 6.42%. However, it’s extremely steep in parts, hitting a 27.5% gradient through some of the ramps.
Road suggested by: Brian Kidd
Pic: S S Tamilarasu