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Highest roads of India

Located in the southern part of Asia, the terrain of the country is varied and often presents great challenges. The mountains of India are home to several elegant overnight facilities, boasting scenic views and fresh mountain air.

Highest mountain passes of India: 

Mountain passElevationState
Umling La5.793m (19,005ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Kungzhag La5.780m (18,963ft)Sikkim
Kiu La5.711m (18,736ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Mana La5.610m (18,406 ft)Uttarakhand
Marsimik La5.590 m (18,339ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Dongkha La5.533m (18,152ft)Sikkim
Photi La5.524m (18,124ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Kaksang La5.438m (17,841ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Saser La5.411m (17,753ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Depsang La5.376m (17,637ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Ane La5.370m (17,618ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Chang La5.360m (17,590ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Khardung La5.359m (17,582ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Taglang La5.328 m (17,480ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Wari La5.312m (17,427ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Imis La5.290m (17,355ft) Jammu and Kashmir
Rezang La5.199m (17,057ft)Jammu and Kashmir
Kongka La5.191m (17,030ft)Jammu and Kashmir 
Thit Zarbo La5.107m (16,755ft)Jammu and Kashmir

Pic: http://www.india.com/news/indias-bro-has-completed-construction-of-the-worlds-highest-motorable-road-in-ladakh-at-an-incredible-19300-feet-2595938/

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