East Coast Road is a scenic drive shadowed by mystery

East Coast Road, often celebrated for its scenic beauty, also holds secrets that send chills down the spine of many travelers.

East Coast Road

Understanding East Coast Road

East Coast Road (ECR), a blend of SH-49, NH-332A, and NH-32, is a two-lane highway in Tamil Nadu, India. Constructed alongside the picturesque coast of the Bay of Bengal, this road connects Chennai, the state capital of Tamil Nadu, to Kanyakumari. Although it's currently a two-lane highway, there are plans to widen parts of it to a four-lane route, specifically from Chennai to Mamallapuram. Spanning approximately 777 km (482 miles) between Chennai and Kanyakumari, it serves as a vital connector for the region.

The Allure of East Coast Road

ECR isn't just a pathway; it's a journey through some of Tamil Nadu's most iconic tourist spots. Taking detours from the primary road reveals untouched, pristine beach areas, devoid of pollution and human disturbances. Travelers are greeted with numerous beaches, lavish beach resorts, local seafood stalls, and restaurants. For the adventurous souls, the region also offers ample camping sites and numerous picturesque locations perfect for capturing memorable shots.

The Mysteries of ECR

For all its beauty, the East Coast Road is not without its mysteries. Many have reported experiencing paranormal activities, especially during night rides. An oft-repeated tale is that of ghostly apparitions, primarily a lady clad in white, causing riders and drivers to lose focus and meet with accidents. A specific stretch of this road, poorly lit and enveloped in an unsettling chill, has been the epicenter of such eerie sightings. Many believe this haunting presence is responsible for the sudden loss of control drivers experience, leading to an alarming number of accidents on this route. Reports consistently describe the mysterious appearance of a woman in a white saree, who materializes seemingly out of thin air, marking this route as both eerie and accident-prone.