East Coast Road is a scenic drive shadowed by mystery

East Coast Road (ECR) is a highway located in Tamil Nadu, India, connecting Chennai to Kanyakumari. The road is known for its scenic views and also for its eerie tales.

East Coast Road

How Long is East Coast Road?

East Coast Road (ECR), comprising SH-49, NH-332A, and NH-32, is a two-lane highway in Tamil Nadu. It’s about 777 km (482 miles) long, running from Chennai to Kanyakumari, along the scenic coast of the Bay of Bengal. Although currently two lanes, there are plans to widen parts of it to a four-lane route, particularly from Chennai to Mamallapuram.

Is the ECR Worth the Drive?

ECR provides access to many of Tamil Nadu's iconic tourist spots. Along the way you’ll find beaches, beach resorts, seafood stalls, and restaurants. The drive is really worth it, as there are many locations perfect for pictures.

Is East Coast Road Haunted?

Despite its beauty, ECR is also known for its eerie tales. Many travelers report experiencing paranormal activities, especially at night. One common story involves ghostly apparitions, particularly a lady in white, causing drivers to lose focus and have accidents, on a specific poorly lit stretch of the road. Drivers frequently report seeing a woman in a white saree appearing suddenly, leading to a high number of accidents in that area.