The hairpin turns of Three Level Zigzag Road are not for the fainthearted

Located in the Sikkim Indian state, in the Himalayan mountains, the Three Level Zigzag Road features more than 100 hairpins in just 30km. It's one of the most hairpinned roads in the world. Get your adrenaline pumping on this exciting road.

Three Level Zigzag road

Where is the Three Level Zigzag Road?

This spiral road is located near Zuluk (or Dzuluk), a small village located in the historic Old Silk Route from Tibet to India, on the rugged terrain of the lower Himalayas in East Sikkim.

Why is the Three Level Zigzag Road famous?

It's said to be the most dizzying road in the world. It is an experience not for the fainthearted with lots of hairpin bends. Not recommended for the easily motion sick. This geometry of curves is matchless, and during snowfall, it takes on a panoramic appearance that defies description.

How to drive the Three Level Zigzag Road?

This extremely winding paved road climbs up to the Thambi viewpoint, at 3,413m (11,200 ft) above sea level. This is the vantage point from where you can get an unhindered view of the Three Level Zigzag roads on the adjoining hills. A trip to the area requires special permits. This few kilometers drive takes the tourists through a winding road that provides excellent sunrise views. The three-level winding road, on the adjoining hills with unique geometrical curves, makes thrilling experiences for visitors.

When is the best time to drive the Three Level Zigzag Road?

The zig-zag road is definitely an eye-catching landscape. Zuluk offers an excellent view of the sunrise on the Himalayas. Remember from October to February is winter, cold and snowy; from March to May, pleasantly cold, and from June to September is the monsoon season, cold and beautiful; so, plan accordingly.
Pic: Ayantik Nandy