How to get to Komic in India, one of the highest towns accessible by car on Earth?

Komic is a high mountain village at an elevation of 4.572m (15,049ft) above the sea level, located in Lahaul and Spiti district of Northen indian state of Himachal Pradesh.


Is Komic the world's highest village connected with a motorable road?

Located in the breathtaking Spiti Valley of northern India, a traffic sign at the entrance of Komic claims it's 'the highest village in world connected with motorable road.' However, this claim isn't accurate. It isn't even the highest village in Asia, as China has many towns situated at greater altitudes. [For more details, refer to our list of the highest towns accessible by car on Earth.] Nonetheless, Komic does have the distinction of being the highest town in India and is home to the world's highest permanent post office. Due to its lofty elevation, Komic is cut off from other regions for half the year because of heavy snowfall. The town's stunning backdrop of snow-capped mountains and vast valleys, paired with its rich culture, draws numerous tourists every year.

Can you drive to Komic?

Yes, though a word of caution: the road leading to Komic was notoriously challenging before its paving in October 2022. Even now, as a paved road, it poses significant challenges. It features 25 hairpin bends, sections so narrow they can make your heart race, and perilous drop-offs.

How long is the road to Komic?

Starting from Kaza, on the Spiti Valley Road (Road 505), the road to Komic is 17.0 km (10.56 miles) long.
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