Pangsau Pass

The unpaved road to Pangsau Pass was built in WWII

Pangsau Pass is a mountain pass at an elevation of 1.136m (3,727ft) above the sea level, located on the crest of the Patkai Hills on the India-Burma (Myanmar) border.

The road to the pass, also known as Pan Saung Pass, is unpaved. The road, called NH153 or Ledo Road and renamed as the Stilwell Road, was built by U.S. Army Engineers and native labor during World War II from the tea plantation province of Assam in India, through the mountains and jungle of northern Burma, to a junction with the Burma Road. It went over tough mountain terrain, across monsoon fed swamps and through the thickest jungle. Portions of the road may be temporarily closed due to road work or inclement weather. Heavy or prolonged rain can cause local flash floods that cover the road with water or wash out culverts or bridges. Serpentine, shadowed, wet and muddy in patches, the road climbs continuously but gently. Construction began 16 December 1942 and the completed road was officially opened 20 May 1945. Driving 4WD is recommended due to uneven surface.