Driving the new Nimmu–Padum–Darcha road in India

The Nimmu–Padum–Darcha road (NPDR), also known as the Zanskar Highway, serves as a vital link between the Indian union territory of Ladakh and the state of Himachal Pradesh, traversing through the picturesque region of Zanskar.

Nimmu–Padum–Darcha road

How long is the Nimmu–Padum–Darcha road?

This 298-kilometer-(185 miles) long road connects Nimmu in the Indus Valley to Padum, the capital of Zanskar, and further extends to Darcha village in Lahul and Spiti. Constructed by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) of the Indian army, the road was completed in March 2024, marking a significant milestone in enhancing connectivity and defense preparedness in the region.

Is the Nimmu–Padum–Darcha road paved?

Located in the northern part of the country, the road is entirely paved. With its completion, the NPDR emerges as the third axis to the strategically-important region, complementing the existing Manali-Leh Highway and Srinagar-Leh routes. Notably, this road offers a shorter distance and crosses only one pass, the Shingo La, situated at an elevation of 5,048m (16,561ft) above sea level. The construction of the Shingo La tunnel, approved by the cabinet committee on security, further enhances all-weather connectivity to Ladakh, with completion expected in 2025.

How was the construction of the Nimmu–Padum–Darcha road?

Despite facing challenging terrain and extreme weather conditions, the efforts of BRO personnel led to the successful connection of the final stretch of the Niraq gorge. This achievement signifies years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, culminating in strengthened defense preparedness and fostering economic development in the Zanskar valley. The completion of the Nimmu-Padam-Darcha road not only enhances connectivity but also underscores its pivotal role in fortifying national security and fostering regional development. As the region continues to evolve, this strategic infrastructure will play a crucial role in shaping its future trajectory.

Why is the Nimmu–Padum–Darcha road important?

Traveling on the Nimmu-Padam-Darcha road significantly reduces the time required to reach Leh from Manali, taking only 10-12 hours compared to the Leh-Manali highway's 14-16 hours under favorable weather conditions. This strategic route, set back from the international border, facilitates safe troop movements, crucial for bolstering defense preparedness along the northern borders with China.

Road suggested by: Hugh Wilson
Pic: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/national/bro-connects-298-km-long-nimmu-padam-darcha-road-to-ladakh-region/article67995218.ece
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