An epic and enthralling road to Lamsu La

Lamsu La is a high mountain pass, standing at an elevation of 3,672m (12,047ft) above sea level, located in the Ladakh region of India.

Lamsu La

Is the road to Lamsu La challenging?

Set high in the Aryan valley, the road to the summit is entirely unpaved and very challenging, featuring steep sections, countless turns and hairpin bends, along with dangerous drop-offs and narrow stretches. Suitable for 4x4 vehicles only.

How long is Lamsu La?

The pass is 15.6 km (9.69 miles) long, running east-west from Shakardo to Lamsu. The road can be closed at any time due to dangerous winter conditions and rock slides.
Road suggested by: Hugh Wilson
Pic: Ansar Hussain