The road through Mig La will be India's highest motorable road

In the rugged landscapes of Ladakh of India, the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), under the Ministry of Defence, initiated a significant project in August 2023 – the construction of the country's highest motorable road. The Likaru-Mig La-Fukche road, covering approximately 64 kilometers (39.76 miles), aims to redefine the limits of motorable roads, reaching an impressive height of 5.913m (19,400ft) above the sea level, at Mig La.

Mig La

The strategic importance of this project lies in its role in enhancing access to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) for the armed forces. The road will connect Likaru with Fukche, extending military reach along the Indus valley to Fukche and up to Demchok. Fukche, strategically positioned just three kilometers from the contested LAC in Eastern Ladakh, holds immense significance for security purposes. Furthermore, this project holds an additional historic distinction - it is the first project in India to be carried out entirely by an All Woman Road Construction Company. Leading the way in this revolutionary project is the five-member All Woman Border Road Task Force. Commanded by Col. Ponung Doming of the Engineers Corps of the Indian Army, this dedicated team is part of the BRO's All Women BRTF. Situated at an extreme altitude above 19,000 feet, this BRTF navigates through conditions marked by temperatures that range between -50°C and -20°C year-round. The women of the task force are truly making history, demonstrating their capabilities in one of the world's most challenging terrains.

At this elevation, it’ll be one of the world’s highest roads. This monumental undertaking, breaking records and pushing the boundaries of engineering, is a testament to the BRO's commitment to enhancing military infrastructure in challenging terrains. With an allocated budget of approximately Rs 520 crore, the Likaru-Mig La-Fukche road is poised to become a symbol of engineering prowess and strategic significance.

The BRO, no stranger to setting records, is on track to surpass its own achievement of the highest motorable road in the country, the Umling La Pass, at 5.882m (19,300ft) above the sea level. As construction progresses over the next two working seasons, this feat will mark a remarkable milestone in India's infrastructure development.

This project, announced on the 77th Independence Day, underscores the BRO's dedication to advancing strategic infrastructure. As the Likaru-Mig La-Fukche road takes shape against the challenging backdrop of Ladakh's terrain, it symbolizes not only a physical connection but also a strategic lifeline, ensuring the security and accessibility of sensitive border regions.

Road suggested by: Hugh Wilson