The road from Valparai to Pollachi is one of the most scenic drives of India

Nestled in Tamil Nadu, India's southernmost state, the road from Valparai to Pollachi, officially designated as State Highway 78 (SH 78), ranks as one of the most breathtaking drives the country has to offer.

Valparai to Pollachi road

How long is State Highway 78 in Tamil Nadu?

Stretching 65.0 km (40.38 miles), this fully paved road winds its way from Pollachi to Valparai. Travelers can expect a well-marked roadway with light traffic, ensuring a smooth journey.

How many hairpin bends from Pollachi to Valparai?

One of the defining features of this route is its 42 hairpin turns, accompanied by countless other twists and turns. The road often becomes enveloped in mist, and with frequent rainfall, it presents a thrilling challenge for drivers.

Is State Highway 78 in Tamil Nadu worth it?

Set against the backdrop of the Anamalai Hills in the Western Ghats, this drive takes you through one of South India's most picturesque rainforests. A highlight of the journey is Loam’s Viewpoint, perched at an elevation of 780m (2,559ft) above sea level. This lookout, located at the 9th hairpin bend, boasts a platform offering panoramic views of the undulating mountainous road. Every turn on this route offers a fresh photo opportunity, drawing visitors year-round.
Pic: By Faizvvk - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,