Traversing the Tunnel Beneath Kumbhe Waterfall: Maharashtra's Majestic Intersection

Situated within the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, in India, the Kumbhe waterfall stands as a breathtaking spectacle amidst the serenity of nature.

Kumbhe Waterfall

A Dive into Nature's Marvel: Kumbhe's Cascading Beauty

Surrounded by lush green landscapes and untouched beauty in the Sahyadri mountains, Kumbhe waterfall plunges from a height of about 175 feet. This enchanting cascade finds its home tucked deep within the mountains, offering a picturesque sight as it cascades down a rocky cliff, culminating into a tranquil pool. While the waterfall is a year-round attraction, its magnificence is most pronounced during the monsoon season, which spans from June to September.

Journey Through the Handmade Tunnel: An Adventure Amidst the Falls

Located at the base of the Sahyadri Mountain range lies a unique attraction: a handmade tunnel, crafted by the local community to facilitate transportation. Stretching for 250 meters (820 feet), this tunnel offers an adrenaline-charged experience, reminiscent of traversing through ancient caves. The absence of lights and the raw, untouched nature of the tunnel further enhance the thrill. However, adventurers should tread cautiously as the route to the tunnel is rugged, punctuated with several holes, and the lack of cement or plaster adds to its raw charm. Especially during the monsoon, the rapid flow of the waterfall heightens the risks. Hence, ensuring safety and taking necessary precautions during your visit is required.
Pic: swapnil kulkarni