Top 5 Road Trips to Take from Delhi

If you love adventure, then you must know how adventurous road trips can be. There are many places in the world you can go for such experiences. This article has particularly picked Delhi as the focus place considering that it has numerous amazing and adventurous roads you can take for fun.

Top 5 Road Trips to Take from Delhi

The position of Delhi makes it perfect for exciting trips and you can take your adventures on any road. With that said, let’s look at the best road you can take in Delhi.

1.Delhi Noida District

Even if this road does not have so much of the adventure you would love to experience, it is one way you can get to Noida. However, be ready to have the best driving experience. The road has a beautiful turn and it looks beautiful at night. So, if you want a great road trip, you can travel during the evening or at night.

2.Ridge Road

If you are a fan of road trips, you know how amazing it can be driving on a deserted road with your company. But can you find this in Delhi? Yes! Get to North Campus and you will find the most amazing quiet and deserted road. The Ridge Road is quiet and peaceful, especially if you are going on a romantic road trip.

3.Surajkund Road

If you are taking your road trip during the monsoon, you will be more than likely to enjoy a trip down Surajkund Road. You can clearly see beautiful restaurants and the Surajkund Dam believed to have been built during the 8t century. You can also see small streams feeding the dam and this could be an amazing spot for a picnic. The back view of Aravalli hills makes the road the most amazing.

4.Yamuna Expressway

This is a very famous road that connects Delhi with Agra. It is very wide and made from concrete. So, if you are a biker, this is the perfect road for you. It stretches to a distance of 200km, giving you more time for adventure and beautiful scenes. You can take the road when it rains and see how exciting it can be.

5.Shanti Path

This road stretches a distance of 3.2 kilometers between Teen Bhawan and Moti Bagh. If you have been to Delhi before, you might have driven through this road and it is something you will just love. On the sides, the road is completed with beautiful flowers and embassies. So when driving, make it slow if you want to enjoy this moment. You can smell the beautiful scent of the flowers and enjoy the beautiful view of luxurious cars on the road.


These are not the only roads you can enjoy driving in Delhi. There are more beautiful spots that you can enjoy. So, on your next road trip, think of going to Delhi for an amazing and adventurous experience.

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