Visiting The Detroit Of India-Things To Do And See In Chennai

Rightly name ‘The Detroit Of India,’ Chennai contributes to one-third of India’s total automobile industry and is also home to the popular Tamil film industry. However, it still attracts many tourists, both domestic and international, who come to visit the city for its rich history and beautiful beaches and religious institutions.

Visiting The Detroit Of India-Things To Do And See In Chennai

Best time to visit Chennai

Chennai is quite humid during the summer, however the winter months from November to February are quite cool with temperatures hovering between 20 and 25 degree Celsius. A perfect time to visit the city and flee the winter cold. Airlines such as Air India in collaboration with travel companies also provide tourists with discounts.

Tips for visiting Chennai

If you are a seasoned traveller, you can attempt to visit the local attractions without hiring the services of excursion services and tour packages. However, do so, only when you are fairly confident and experienced in traveling. Otherwise, an excursion group is a safe way to go about.

When visiting the city, practice caution as, Chennai has its shares of pickpockets so leave all your valuables and important document in your accommodation and only take what’s necessary.

Chennai traffic can get unpleasant especially in the evening and during holidays which is expected as the industrial city is India’s sixth most populous city. Use the underground services when traveling long distances.

What to Pack for Traveling in Chennai?

When in Chennai, expect sweat even during the winter months as the temperature rarely dips below 20-degree Celsius. Pack yourself lightweight clothes for the day and long sleeves \ when exploring to avoid tanning and sunburn. Sunscreen, moisturizers, umbrellas, and mosquito repellents do well when it comes to protection.

Lifestyle & Culture Of Chennai

When it comes to hospitality, the population of Chennai is extremely friendly and welcoming to guests. This often can be mistaken by foreign tourists and cause misunderstanding, so prior research in the culture and lifestyle or simply observing them will do well to erase all misunderstandings.

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The city is a fine example when it comes to secular living as it is home to a large population of Hindus, Christian, and Buddhists. This has been part of the city’s legacy and can be seen in the many churches and temples spread around the city.

Getting Around Chennai

Getting around the city isn’t much of a problem. Tourists are provided with lots of choices from taxis, buses, car for hires, and local trains. The suburban rail system and the metro system is extremely cost-effective and is best when traveling a long distance.

It is wise to be cautious when hiring taxis and as drivers tend to trick tourists into paying more by traveling in circles and taking longer routes than required.

Places To Visit In Chennai

Chennai is a history buff dream destination. Laden with historical pieces spread across the city, from St Mary’s Church which is India’s Oldest Church, to the National Art Gallery which houses a large collection of fine paintings and other artistic pieces, making it a great source for insights into the culture of the city.

The most visited place in Chennai, however, is the Kapaleeshwar Temple, a temple built to worship Lord Shiva and has been standing since the 13th century.

To Savour Your Tastebuds With Chennai Delicious food

If you like food and you are in Chennai, then luck has favoured you. The city has more than 500 restaurants with a range of cuisines from traditional Indian Cuisines to international menus from France and Greece. Not to disappoint Street food enthusiasts aside from restaurants, the city also has several spots for local street snacks.

Beaches In Chennai

Chennai is filled with beaches, with the most popular being Marina Beach and Elliot Beach. The latter is considered one of the cleanest in the country and makes for a perfect destination for beachgoers.

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Temples & Churches In Chennai

Chennai has for centuries been a star example when it comes to religious diversity. There are several temples and churches spread across the city including the, Kapeeleshwar Temple. The San Thome Cathedral founded in 1504 also is home to the statue of the Virgin Mary brought from Portugal and is considered an important artifact for those of the Christian Faith. Other temple complexes such as the Chidambaram Temple town and the St Mary church are also popular tourist attractions.

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Museums & national parks in Chennai

Chennai’s Government Museum is considered by many to be one of the most important museums in the nation with a large collection of anthropological, zoological, geographical, and numismatic exhibits from all over India and the world. The City also is home to Guindy National Park which is one of the few to be located inside a city and is the 8th smallest in the country.

Explore Shopping Markets In Chennai

It won’t be wrong to call the entirety of Chennai a shopping paradise, with places like the Story trails District which is a colourful market that sells a lot of interesting souvenirs. The Escape Cinemas Shopping Centre is also another popular shopping destination in the city with several interesting shops for you to explore.

Where To Stay In Chennai?

As a popular holiday destination, the city does not lack when it comes to accommodations. There are popular areas of accommodations that tourists frequent like George Town, a historic town reminiscent of the colonial era. Other areas include Thousand Lights, Egmore, and Padupet, etc. with several choices for accommodation. You will find yourself a suitable accommodation fitting your budget with ease. So, when are booking your flight?