Archu La, a hidden treasure road in India

Archu La is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 4.199m (13,776ft) above the sea level, located in Kargil district, in the Indian administered Union territory of Ladakh.

Archu La

The narrow winding road to the summit is mostly unpaved, with some paved parts. It’s called Batambis Road. On the way to the summit, the road climbs up to Samar La, a minor pass at 3.523m above the sea level. The pass is 36.2 km long, running from NH1, south of Kargil to Batambis village.
The road to the summit is pretty steep with dozens of sharp hairpin turns. Starting from NH1, the ascent is 28,6 km long. The average gradient is 4,2% with a maximum slope of 10,7%.
Road suggested by: Jorge Manuel Gómez Sánchez
Pic: pheonix Gaming