Kukshow Road

Don’t glance down at your phone on the Kukshow Road

The Kukshow Road is a scary and dangerous mountain road located in Ladakh, in India.

Located in the Kukshow Valley of the Western Himalayas, the winding road runs entirely over 3.200 meters. If you're afraid of heights, it's probably best to keep your eyes forward. It’s 30.3 km (18.82 mile) long. Be careful: this road is not for the sissies. One mistake can have consequences.

It’s totally unpaved running east-west from Dargoo (on the Indus Valley Road) to Chiktan (on the Khangral-Sanjak Road). The route is dangerous. Not recommended to newbies. Along the way you’ll have to deal with some dangerous dropoffs. People need to be informed about the present state of the road as the water can flowing over the bridges. There’s a high risk of rock slides. The road tops out at 3.682m (12,080ft) above the sea level.
Road suggested by: Jorge Manuel Gómez Sánchez
Pic: Rudolf Forster


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