Munnar road

Munnar Road is a cool drive on the Western Ghats

Munnar is a popular hill-resort town in the southwestern state of Kerala, India, at an elevation of 1.700m (5,600ft) above the sea level. The town is located on the Western Ghats, in the Idukki district.

The winding twisty road to the town is called NH-85. It’s paved but narrow, with some curvy and steep parts. Starting from Kochi, the drive is 118km (73 miles) long. Kothamangalam is on the way and is 80 km away from Munnar. Between Kothamangalam and next town "Adimali", you can experience a beautiful cool drive through a natural forest. Alongside, you can see many refreshing waterfalls.

Is Munnar Roads dangerous?

The road is certainly breathtaking and it has a fearsome reputation. Allow 6 hr traveling time if you are driving up or down, since the road is blind in some places and there are a lot of trucks and buses that seem to drive as if they own the road. Once you reach Adimali, Munnar is just 30 kilometers away - but it will take almost an hour to reach. This is the last place where you can spot a decent restaurant before Munnar. Around 22 km from Adimali, you can start seeing the tea plantations on both sides of the road and a panoramic view of the western ghats. The view is extremely beautiful during the early mornings. While driving on the Munnar road, you are ensnared in the sweet fragrance of the fresh tea leaves from innumerable tea plantations. But the road to Munnar is narrow with lots of bends and curves. Hire a taxi or a driver with local experience if you are not familiar with similar conditions. The road can be dangerous, especially if you are driving them for the first time.  At times the road becomes covered in fog, which makes it impossible to see even with your fog lamps on.
Pic: By Bimal K C from Cochin, India (Good Morning Munnar) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons



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