Jelep La

Drive across Jelep pass

Jelep La is an international high mountain pass at an elevation of 4.434m (14,547ft) above the sea level, located on the border of India and Tibet. The pass has been used for centuries by traders.

Located in the Dongkya Range of the eastern Himalayas, the pass links the East Sikkim District, in Sikkim, India and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. The drive is quite spectacular. It is one of the picturesque passes whose terrain covers forests of rhododendrons alongside of India and the Chumbi Valley on the Tibetan Plateau.
The winding road to the summit is paved in both countries. It’s very steep with a few hairpin turns. Most of the time during the year, it is not accessible to the civilians. Open to traffic throughout the year, may be closed for short periods in winter when the weather is bad.