The spectacular Sidu River Bridge in China is the highest bridge in the world

Hubei Enshi Sidu River Bridge is located in Badong County of the Hubei Province of China. It opened in November 2009 and was the world’s highest bridge, rising more than 1,500 feet in the air. It’s one of the most spectacular bridges in the world.

Sidu River Bridge

How long is the Sidu River Bridge?

Completed in 2009, this cable-stayed bridge spans 4,009 feet (1,221 meters) in length, connecting two mountainous regions.

Is the Sidu River Bridge the tallest bridge in the world?

It is acclaimed as the highest bridge in the world with its deck soaring 1,627 feet (496 meters) above the Sidu River. The span is so high that Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower could fit underneath it. The highest bridge in the world spans such a great chasm that it had to be established using rockets.