Over-Water Highway

Over-Water Highway, one of the World’s Most Scenic Roads

Located in central China, the Over-Water Highway is one of the World’s Most Scenic Highways. In order to avoid cutting through the woods, about 4.4 kilometers of the 10.9-kilometer highway has been constructed above a river that runs through picturesque mountains.

The new road links Xingshang County and the Zhaojun Bridge in Hubei province, near the G42, a high-speed route that connects Shanghai in eastern China to Chengdu in south west China. The new road is paved. Works began in 2013 and finished in 2015.
The total cost of the project is estimated around 70 million dollars. The new road shows that drivers are literally travelling over water as the motorway is built in the middle of a river valley. The road is built on top of a bridge that follows the curve of the river valley.
Pic: https://j.17qq.com/article/cnhnkmpcv.html



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