Highest roads of China

Highest roads of China

Located in Southeast Asia, China is the world's third largest country, after Russia and Canada. China's mountains are a major feature of its physical geography with mountains, plateaus and hills accounting for about 65 percent of the country's landmass.

Highest mountain passes of China:

Mountain pass Elevation Region
Chāmkang 5.953m (19,530ft) Tibet-Xinjiang
Medo La 5.915m (19,406ft) Tibet
Yangi Daban 5.899m (19,353ft) Xinjiang 
Kyapsang La 5.886m (19,311ft) Xinjiang  
Khungyami La 5.844m (19,173ft) Tibet
Lajiong La  5.830m (19,127ft) Tibet
Jing La 5.829m (19,124ft) Tibet
Buduo 5.825m (19,110ft) Tibet 
Wenquan Daban 5.808m (19,055ft) Xinjiang 
Jang Rang La 5.793m (19,005ft) Tibet 
Mobdi La 5.788m (18,989ft) Tibet-Xinjiang
Kungzhag La 5.780m (18,963ft) Tibet 
Lungmar La 5.776m (18,950ft) Tibet  
Zǔsōng La 5.775m (18,946ft) Tibet 
Bodpo La 5.774m (18,943ft) Tibet 
Huoshaoyun 5.765m (18,914ft) Xinjiang
Nilung La 5.730m (18,799ft) Tibet
Kiu La 5.711m (18,736ft) Tibet
Jiabuxi La 5.705m (18,717ft) Tibet 
Hongqi Daban 5.694m (18,681ft) Xinjiang
Gorun La  5.690m (18,667ft) Tibet 
Qiu Dijian 5.676m (18,622ft) Tibet
Chhatang La 5.674m (18,615ft) Tibet
Changlung Pangtung La 5.647m (18,526ft) Xinjiang
Bongru La 5.637m (18,494ft) Tibet 
Mana La 5.626m (18,458ft) Tibet
Hongpinshan 5.621m (18,441ft) Xinjiang 
Kuqiong Gangri 5.606m (18,392ft) Tibet 
Charding La 5.594m (18,353ft) Tibet 
Tianhedong Daban 5.590m (18,339ft) Xinjiang
New Changlung La 5.590m (18,339ft) Xinjiang
Lo La 5.578m (18,300ft) Tibet 
Semo La 5.578m (18,300ft) Tibet 
Zhonglong Highway 5.578m (18,300ft) Tibet 
Par La 5.578m (18,300ft) Tibet 
Cho Oyu base camp 5.573m (18,284ft) Tibet 
Wuersisan-Radome Rd 5.570m (18,274ft) Xinjiang
Orkyi La 5.567m (18,264ft) Tibet
Shera La 5.563m (18,251ft) Tibet
Yilanga La 5.555m (18,225ft) Tibet
Mana La 5.545m (18,192ft) Tibet
Karakoram La 5.542m (18,182ft) Xinjiang 
Zezhang pass 5.541m (18,179ft) Tibet 
716 County Road 5.533m (18,152ft) Tibet 
Naktse La 5.533m (18,152ft) Tibet 
Dab La 5.521m (18,113ft) Tibet
787 County Road 5.518m (18,103ft) Tibet 
Nakole 5.502m (18,051ft) Tibet 

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