Highest roads of China

Highest roads of China

Located in Southeast Asia, China is the world's third largest country, after Russia and Canada. China's mountains are a major feature of its physical geography with mountains, plateaus and hills accounting for about 65 percent of the country's landmass.

Highest mountain passes of China:

Mountain pass Elevation Zone
Chāmkang 5.953m (19,530ft) Tibet
Tiankong Way 5.886m (19,311ft) Tibet
Khungyami La 5.844m (19,173ft) Tibet
Lajiong La  5.830m (19,127ft) Tibet
Jing La 5.829m (19,124ft) Tibet
Buduo 5.825m (19,110ft) Tibet
Wenquan Daban 5.808m (19,055ft) Tibet
Jang Rang La 5.793m (19,005ft) Tibet
Kungzhag La 5.780m (18,963ft) Tibet
Bodpo La 5.767m (18,920ft) Tibet
Zulung La 5.730m (18,799ft) Tibet
Kiu La 5.711m (18,736ft) Tibet
Charding La 5.692m (18,674ft) Tibet
Gorun La  5.690m (18,667ft) Tibet
Qiu Dijian 5.676m (18,622ft) Tibet
Chhatang La 5.674m (18,615ft) Tibet
Suolang La 5.637m (18,494ft) Tibet
Tiankong Xiang 5.621m (18,441ft) Tibet
Lo La 5.578m (18,300ft) Tibet
Semo La 5.578m (18,300ft) Tibet
Zhonglong Highway 5.578m (18,300ft) Tibet
Par La 5.578m (18,300ft) Tibet
Cho Oyu base camp 5.573m (18,284ft) Tibet
Mana La 5.545m (18,192ft) Tibet
Kunlun La 5.542m (18,182ft) Tibet
Zezhang pass 5.541m (18,179ft) Tibet
716 County Road 5.533m (18,152ft) Tibet
Naktse La 5.533m (18,152ft) Tibet
787 County Road 5.518m (18,103ft) Tibet
Nakole 5.502m (18,051ft) Tibet
Lanak La 5.495m (18,028ft) Tibet
Marim La 5.494m (18,024ft) Tibet
234 Country Road 5.492m (18,018ft) Tibet
Drong La 5.488m (18,005ft) Tibet
Samye La 5.486m (17,998ft) Tibet
Luobusazhen mine 5.481m (17,982ft) Tibet
Tra La 5.479m (17,975ft) Tibet
Shugu La 5.478m (17,972ft) Tibet
Kompas La 5.476m (17,965ft) Tibet
Karatagh La 5.473m (17,956ft) Tibet
Suge La 5.453m (17,890ft) Tibet
Darecuo 5.450m (17,880ft) Tibet
Trel La 5.441m (17,851ft) Tibet
Kangbeicun-Zhangcun Rd 5.432m (17,821ft) Tibet
218 Country Road 5.418m (17,775ft) Tibet
Buze La 5.418m (17,775ft) Tibet
Monda La 5.408m (17,742ft) Tibet
G219 5.394m (17,696ft) Tibet
Qieshan La 5.392m (17,690ft) Tibet
Lawoche La 5.387m (17,673ft) Tibet
Deyang La 5.381m (17,654ft) Tibet
710 County Road 5.374m (17,631ft) Tibet
Lamo Latse La 5.370m (17,618ft) Tibet
Ane La 5.370m (17,618ft) Tibet
773 County Road 5.370m (17,618ft) Tibet
Satsum La 5.350m (17,552ft) Tibet
Shargang La 5.335m (17,503ft) Tibet
Lalung La 5.322m (17,460ft) Tibet
Penma La 5.321m (17,457ft) Tibet
Lungzang La 5.319m (17,450ft) Tibet
Qizil Dawān 5.317m (17,444ft) Tibet
Jungang La 5.312m (17,427ft) Tibet
Tratsang La 5.292m (17,362ft) Tibet
Imis La 5.290m (17,355ft) Tibet
Khojang pass 5.284m (17,335ft) Tibet
605 County Road 5.282m (17,329ft) Tibet
232 County Road 5.274m (17,303ft) Tibet
Tingri-Penjixiang Rd. 5.271m (17,293ft) Tibet
Jang La 5.262m (17,263ft) Tibet
Simi La 5.258m (17,250ft) Tibet
Kǒng Táng Lā 5.251m (17,227ft) Tibet
Shan Da Ban 5.257m (17,247ft) Tibet
Lake Jiabucuo 5.248m (17,217ft) Tibet
Dajia Lake 5.247m (17,214ft) Tibet
Ma La 5.245m (17,208ft) Tibet
Mount Kailash 5.235m (17,175ft) Tibet
Tanggu La 5.231m (17,162ft) Tibet
203 Provincial Road  5.230m (17,158ft) Tibet
Bunggar La 5.228m (17,152ft) Tibet
Shangshang La 5.228m (17,152ft) Tibet
Lhamonyin Ri 5.226m (17,145ft) Tibet
Mayum La 5.225m (17,142ft) Tibet
Tinki La 5.222m (17,132ft) Tibet
Gyatso La 5.220m (17,125ft) Tibet
Lung La 5.216m (17,112ft) Tibet
Pang La 5.205m (17,076ft) Tibet
Tielong Pass 5.200m (17,060ft) Tibet
Rezang La 5.199m (17,057ft) Tibet
Kongka La 5.192m (17,034ft) Tibet
S305 road 5.190m (17,027ft) Tibet
Aba La 5.190m (17,027ft) Tibet
Dangbe La 5.183m (1,7004ft) Tibet
Chyangchumi La 5.177m (16,984t) Tibet
Ali CMB 5.176m (16,981ft) Tibet
Daoda top 5.175m (16,978ft) Tibet
Gela Mountain 5.172m (16,968ft) Tibet
Longga La 5.159m (16,925ft) Tibet
716 County Road 5.154m (16,909ft) Tibet
728 County Road 5.154m (16,909ft) Tibet

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