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Highest roads of China

Located in Southeast Asia, China is the world's third largest country, after Russia and Canada. China's mountains are a major feature of its physical geography with mountains, plateaus and hills accounting for about 65 percent of the country's landmass.

Highest mountain passes of China:

Mountain passElevationZone
Chāmkang5.953m (19,530ft)Tibet
Lajiong La 5.830m (19,127ft)Tibet
Jing La5.829m (19,124ft)Tibet
Jang Rang La5.793m (19,005ft)Tibet
Kungzhag La5.780m (18,963ft)Tibet
Bodpo La5.767m (18,920ft)Tibet
Kiu La5.711m (18,736ft)Tibet
Charding La5.692m (18,674ft)Tibet
Gorun La 5.690m (18,667ft)Tibet
Suolang La5.637m (18,494ft) Tibet
Lo La5.578m (18,300ft)Tibet
Semo La5.578m (18,300ft)Tibet
Cho Oyu base camp5.573m (18,284ft)Tibet
Mana La5.545m (18,192ft)Tibet
Kunlun La5.542m (18,182ft)Xinjiang
Zezhang pass5.541m (18,179ft)Tibet
Lunpo Gangri5.502m (18,051ft)Tibet
S205 Road5.488m (18,005ft)Tibet
Luobusazhen mine5.481m (17,982ft)Tibet
Shugu La5.478m (17,972ft)Tibet
Kompas La5.476m (17,965ft)Xinjiang
Darecuo5.450m (17,880ft)Tibet
Suge La5.430m (17,815ft) Tibet
218 Country Road5.418m (17,775ft)Tibet
G2195.394m (17,696ft)Tibet
Qieshan La5.392m (17,690ft)Tibet
Ayi La5.387m (17,673ft)Tibet
Deyang La5.381m (17,654ft)Tibet
Ane La5.370m (17,618ft)Tibet
Satsum La5.350m (17,552ft)Tibet
583 Country Road5.335m (17,503ft)Tibet
701 Country Road5.322m (17,460ft)Tibet
Qizil Dawān5.317m (17,444ft)Xinjiang
Jungang La5.312m (17,427ft)Tibet
Imis La5.290m (17,355ft)Tibet
Khojang pass5.284m (17,335ft)Tibet
232 Country Road5.274m (17,303ft)Tibet
Simi La5.258m (17,250ft)Tibet
Kǒng Táng Lā5.251m (17,227ft)Tibet
Shan Da Ban5.257m (17,247ft)Tibet
Dajia Lake5.247m (17,214ft)Tibet
Ma La5.245m (17,208ft)Tibet
Mount Kailash5.235m (17,175ft)Tibet
Tanggu La5.231m (17,162ft)Tibet
203 Provincial Road 5.230m (17,158ft)Tibet
Bunggar La5.228m (17,152ft)Tibet
Mayum La5.225m (17,142ft)Tibet
Gyatso La5.220m (17,125ft)Tibet
Pang La5.205m (17,076ft)Tibet
Tielong Pass5.200m (17,060ft)Tibet
Rezang La5.199m (17,057ft)Tibet
Qang La5.194m (17,040ft)Tibet
S305 road5.190m (17,027ft)Tibet
Daoda top5.175m (16,978ft)Tibet
Gela Mountain5.172m (16,968ft)Tibet
Longga La5.159m (16,925ft)Tibet
728 Country Road5.154m (16,909ft)Tibet

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