Aizhai Winding Road: you'll feel like you are driving in the sky

Aizhai Winding Road is a very scenic drive in the mountainous Hunan province of China. This road leads from Aizhai township up to the Aizhai bridge.

Aizhai Winding Road

Located in Western Hunan province, the road has been rebuilt the last years. The surface is paved. It is a very steep, winding switchback road, with a really interesting old stone bridge about three quarters of the way up. At the top of the road is the spectacular Aizhai bridge between two tunnels - one of the world's highest and most spectacular bridges. There are 13 bends in total from the bottom to the top of the steep and dangerous mountain. A bridge was also built at the top of the mountain road, very spectacular. In the mountain’s peak a monument and statue were erected to remember those who died for the road construction.
This winding road is part of the National Road 319. This road is built on steep mountains and there are 13 hairpin bends on the way to the top. This road is very exciting and sometimes very exposed and unsecured driveway in innumerable twists and turns. Driving on this road, you will feel like you are driving in the sky. You will see cars above and below going to and fro. Although it is dangerous to drive on, this winding road is quite busy, and drivers often meet traffic jams.