Tunnel roads in China

The most challenging tunnel roads in China

Some small villages in the Taihang Mountains of China were extremely isolated from the rest of the world by the cliffs and mountains. It was necessary to walk by small scary and dangerous paths to arrive there.

But some villagers built some tunnels to make this less steep, though more convoluted access. This is the list of the most famous tunnel roads in China, all of them in the remote Henan Province.

Guoliang Tunnel

It’s the most famous tunnel road in the country. Villagers worked 5 years to build it. Tourism has developed well in this village with the new wide road, and many family inns have been opened.  The tunnel road is 700 meters long, with two tunnels of 5 meters high, 4 meters wide.

Kunshan Tunnel

It’s probably the most dangerous tunnel road in the county. The road takes vehicles from 1,000 to 1,300 meters above sea level, through a series of tunnels. It’s 1.6km long. It’s a single land and includes 6 small tunnels and is usually closed in winters.

Xiya Valley Hanging Tunnel

The villagers worked 30 years to cut this road. The road spirals across the surface of a cliff with windows along the way. In 2003, supported by the government, this gravel road was covered with concrete. It’s located 2 km northwest of Xiyagou, between Shanwa and Nan'anshang villages.

Huilong-Hanging Tunnel

The tunnel road is 8-km long and connects Xiyagou and Huilong. It was built in 1997. Because the tunnel is quite narrow, if two cars meet inside, it’s very difficult to get through. The tunnel turns an "S" inside the mountain and comes out the other side of the mountain.

Chen Family Hanging Tunnel

The tunnel is located near Chen Family Reservoir. At the tunnel exit there is a waterfall. The experience of using this road is very impressive. It’s part of a highway, so this is one of the widest and most accessible hanging road. This tunnel is busy with coal transport now, and often gets traffic jams. It is dusty in the tunnel.

Jingdi Village Hanging Tunnel

It’s located near Jingdi Village. The construction of the tunnel took 6 years. The tunnel is 2 km long, with several bends inside the mountain.

Hongti Pass Tunnel

The tunnel road is located 15 km east of Pingshun Town. It’s a dirt road. The tunnel is 1,200 meters long.

Pic: Alan Wang

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