Kunshan Tunnel Road

Kunshan Tunnel is a handmade road constructed by farmers

Kunshan Tunnel Road is a spectacular road located in the remote Henan Province of China. It’s one of the famous Chinese tunnel roads.

Set high in the Taihang Mountains, this tunnel connected Kunshan, a small town to the world. The village of Kunshan was extremely isolated. To arrive there it was only a small path, scary and dangerous. People had to walk through a valley surrounded by steep cliffs, and then climb a series of cut out stone steps. A handful of local villagers built a tunnel to be hewn by hand for accessing this nearby clifftop village. The road takes vehicles from 1,000 to 1,300 meters above sea level, through a series of tunnels.

This tunnel is much longer and much more dangerous. than the famous Gouliang Tunnel. In 2009 the government rebuilt this road, and now connects Wangmang Mountains Scenic Area entrance and the road to Kunshan Village (3 km north). Because the tunnel is quite narrow, if two cars meet inside, it’s very difficult to get through. Do not go there in winter, because snow will cut the road off. The tunnel is 1.6km long. It’s a single land and includes 6 small tunnels and is usually closed in winters, so the best time to visit is from May to November. The road spirals across the surface of a cliff with windows along the way to remove the crushed rocks, just like the villagers in the nearby Guoliang had done it. Very little is known about it, but just as the other tunnels it was constructed by farmers to create an easy access to their village. It’s rather difficult to find these tunnel roads. They are located in a very remote region deep into China. 
Pic: Alan Wang



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