Kunshan Tunnel Road: China's Handmade Marvel Constructed by Farmers

Nestled within the quiet confines of eastern China's Henan Province, the Kunshan Tunnel Road stands as a testament to ingenuity, representing a prominent chapter in China's tunnel roads.

Kunshan Tunnel Road

Kunshan Village: A Hidden Gem in the Taihang Mountains

Perched within the towering Taihang Mountains, Kunshan Village was once a hidden treasure. The journey to this village was nothing short of an adventure. A treacherous path, bordered by sheer cliffs, led to stone steps carved out of the mountainside.

The Creation of Kunshan Tunnel: A Farmer's Marvel

A group of local villagers, undeterred by their isolation, took matters into their hands. Driven by the need for better access to their clifftop village, they chiseled a tunnel with sheer determination and bare hands, connecting the quaint town of Kunshan to the broader world. Much like their peers, these farmers were unsung heroes, silently crafting passageways deep within China's remote terrains.

Driving Through the Kunshan Tunnel: An Adventure at High Altitudes

Meandering from 1,000 to 1,300 meters above sea level, this road courses through several tunnels. The narrow confines of the tunnel present a challenge for drivers, especially when cars cross paths. The winter season is not a favorable time for a visit due to the snowfall obstructing the path. Spanning 1.6 km, this single-lane road encompasses six small tunnels, with optimal visiting times ranging from May to November. Unique features include cliff-facing windows made for the disposal of rock debris, reminiscent of the methods employed in the nearby Guoliang Tunnel.

Comparing Kunshan and Gouliang Tunnels: A Tale of Two Constructions

While the Gouliang Tunnel enjoys fame, the Kunshan Tunnel boasts a more extended structure and presents a higher risk factor. In a commendable effort, the government undertook the task of refurbishing the road in 2009, subsequently establishing a link between the Wangmang Mountains Scenic Area entrance and the route leading to Kunshan Village, situated 3 km to the north.
Pic: Alan Wang