The road to Ye La will take your breath away

Ye La is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 5.041m (16,538ft) above sea level, located in Nagarzê County of Shannan Prefecture, in Tibet, China.

Ye La

Is the road to Ye La paved?

Set high near the border with Bhutan, the road to the summit is entirely paved. It’s called S207 Qiangluo Road. The drive is quite challenging, with steep parts and countless turns. At this elevation, oxygen levels drop, and visitors need to take adequate precautions against AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness).

How long is Ye La paved?

Running along the scenic Pu Moyongcuo lake, the pass is 37.3 km (23.17 miles) long, running north-south from Pubanang to Zha Nagqu. This road offers jaw-dropping views, unparalleled freedom, and lots of fresh air.
Road suggested by: Hugh Wilson
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