Driving the scary Ligpaishi Zigzag Mountain Road in Chongqing

Ligpaishi Zigzag Road is a very defiant drive located in the Chongqing region of China.

Ligpaishi Zigzag Road in Chongqing

Running between 2 mountains, it’s said to be the most thrilling mountain road in the country. The zigzag road has a total of 18 breathtaking hairpin turns without guardrails. It connects the small village of Minzhu to the outside world. This Instagrammable landmark is attracting the attention of many amateur photographers.

Tucked away on the southwestern part of the country, within the Yintaoling nature park, the hair-rising road was built in 2012 and paved with concrete in 2019. It is extremely steep, hitting a 43% of maximum gradient through some of the ramps. It’s 453 meters long and has extremely little traffic. It was built so far that no driver has been able to negotiate the bend in one go. The road is used by vehicles and pedestrian as well.

Pic: https://www.indiatimes.com/trending/social-relevance/zigzag-mountain-road-in-chongqing-china-588085.html