Shuangping Cliff Road is a delightful yet challenging drive

Shuangping Cliff Road is the name of a very challenging drive located in Kaizhou District of China. It’s one of the famous Chinese tunnel roads.

Shuangping Cliff Road

Tucked away in the southwestern part of the country, the defiant road is totally paved. It’s also known as Cliff Heaven Road or Cliff Heavenly Road. Built on a 1,500-meter-high cliff, the road connects Shuangping with the outside world. Before the construction of the road, if the villagers want to leave the village, they had to spend 4 hours using their hands and feet between the mountain roads and go straight down an 800-meter-high cliff. Accidents such as casualties and material losses occur from time to time.

Dug out by hand, the road was constructed by villagers in 1997. Later, it was further developed using government funds and social capital in 2011. It’s 595 meters long. The road is extremely scary, with a drop of more than 1000 meters and affording stunning views. The road has become a tourist site in its own right thanks to its beautiful views.
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