Driving the Qiwangzhai Wall Tunnel Road is not a piece of cake

Tucked away in the northwest of Henan province, in China, the defiant Qiwangzhai Wall Tunnel Road is a marvel of engineering dug out by hand. It’s one of the famous Chinese tunnel roads.

Qiwangzhai Wall Tunnel Road

Set high in the Taihang Mountains, this hanging wall tunnel is 600m long, running through a series of windows. A handful of local villagers built the tunnel to be hewn by hand. The road was paved with concrete but fell into disrepair and now it’s just a gravel road with potholes running through a deep canyon.

Due its narrowness, if two cars meet inside, it’s very difficult to get through. Do not go there in winter, because snow will cut the road off. Its lighting comes from the side windows. The scenery is definitely worth seeing. The tunnel was constructed between 1973 and 1978. The road offers great views of a scenic bridge leading to Qiwangzhaicun village.
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