Dongshan Tunnel: enjoy a drive among the clouds

Dongshan Tunnel is a high mountain tunnel at an elevation of 3.850m (12,631ft) above the sea level, located on the boundary between Gansu and Qinghai provinces of northwest China.

Dongshan Tunnel

Tucked away in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the tunnel is totally paved. It’s 3,639-meter long. The entrance is in Sunan County, Gansu Province, and the exit is in Qilian County, Qinghai Province. It is expected to significantly increase traffic flow between Gansu and Qinghai, cutting more than 400 kilometers on the previous road connections and about five hours in time. The tunnel bypassed the most challenging part on the way to Laofan Pass.

Set high in the Qilian Mountains, the tunnel, part of the scenic National Highway G213 (Suqi Highway), was completed on March 2, 2021. It was under construction since June 2018, built by the First Engineering Co Ltd of China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group (CTCE). It was built amid harsh geological conditions and very high risks in digging & construction, according to the Project Manager. They had to overcome many challenges such as anoxia, the cold weather, difficulties in material transportation and frequent rain and snow.
Road suggested by: Hugh Wilson