The Jinkou Grand Canyon Scenic Road will take your breath away

Located in Ganluo County, Sichuan Province, in China, the Jinkou Grand Canyon Scenic Road is said to be one of the most scenic roads of the country.

Jinkou Grand Canyon Scenic Road

Built in 2021, the road is totally paved and runs through the scenic Dadu River Jinkou Grand Canyon, known as Jinkouhe Grand Canyon. It’s said to be the longest, narrowest, and deepest canyons in Sichuan Province. The peculiarity of this road, apart from its narrowness, is that along the path, in the rainy season, there are waterfalls that cascade down from the sheer cliff and sparkle in the sunshine. June, July and August each year is the rainy season, so the best time to visit are April, May, September and October. Before entering the canyon, watch the weather and try not to choose when it rains or when the wind is too strong.

Part of the G245 National Road (formerly known as S306), the road runs among rock walls into the river. This canyon was carved out by the Dadu River, which originates in the northwestern Sichuan plateau. The mountains on both sides of the road are high and steep, with rare peaks and strangely shaped rocks. The length is 26 kilometers, the width is less than 200 meters, but the depth is 2,600 meters.
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