The Ultimate Guide to Traveling the Balagezong Mountain Road

Balagezong Mountain Road is the name of a very exciting drive located in the northwest of Shangri-la county, in Northwestern Yunnan Province of People's Republic of China.

Balagezong Mountain Road

The curved and narrow road, surrounded by clouds, leads to Balagezong Holy Mountain, known as the “the peak of Shangri-La”. It tops out at 4.274m (14,022ft) above the sea level. The road is totally paved and was constructed in June 2009, cut into the rock face with sheer drops on the side.
Surrounded by perennial modern glaciers, the drive offers stunning views of Shangri-La Grand Canyon (Balagezong Canyon and Birong Canyon). Starting at Zigengxiang (G214 Road), the road is 49.5 km (30 miles) long.
Road suggested by: Hugh Wilson