Driving the scary Z-shaped Bianshi Road

Bianshi Road is the name of a crazy drive located in Wuxi County, in People's Republic of China. 1st gear only. Due its narrowness, it is impossible to turn back.

Bianshi Road

Set high on the southern slopes of the central Daba Mountains, the road is totally paved. It’s 3.7 kilometers (2.29miles) long, running from Tianping Village to 201 Provincial Road. This road is not for people that are afraid of heights. It is closed to trucks, buses and vehicles towing large caravans. Before travelling it is always a good idea to first check to ensure that the road is clear and safe to do so. The road is extremely steep (25-33 degrees) via 18 sharp and challenging hairpin turns. Many cars have to back up, since the engine becomes too weak and the reverse has the most favorable gearing. For normal vehicles, the steep sections will need to be tackled in 1st gear. Under no circumstances should you try to change to 2nd gear until you are at the top. Automatic vehicles should select the lowest gear and lock the gearbox in 1st gear.

The section with the switchbacks needs your concentration and whilst the hairpins are very sharp, even small cars will make the turns by using the space on the corners that have been created for that purpose. The drive is a bit nerve wrecking: not easy at all. The drive offers hell of an experience which challenges you and puts your riding skills to test.
Road suggested by: jorge manuel gómez sánchez
Pic&video: 青云迹