Yongwu Road is the most beautiful road under water

Located in Yongxiu County, in northern Jiangxi province of People's Republic of China, a road built across Poyang Lake is flooded every year. It’s one of the periodically flooded roads around the world.

Yongwu Road

How long is Yongwu Road?

The Yongwu Road, part of the X219 county road, links Xincheng (in Yongxiu county) and Wuchengzen. The road is totally paved. It’s 29.9 km (18.57 miles) long.

Why is Yongwu Road famous?

Tucked away on the southern part of the country, every year, as it runs across Poyang Lake (China’s largest freshwater lake), it’s flooded. The people of China call it “the most beautiful road under the water”. With the onset of the rainy season, water in the lake starts to rise up towards the end of May, every year. For the next few months this road is no longer just above the surface but deep under the water. As the water level of the lake rises (when the water level exceeds 18.67 meters) the road is gradually flooded. Although drivers can no longer see the road surface, they still drive across the road by keeping within the guard rails on either side. As the water level continues to rise, after a few days, the entire road is completely submerged. Eventually, a few months later, the road reappears again.
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Pic&video: CCTV English