Dare to drive the dangerous Shibanhe Cliff Road

Shibanhe Cliff Road is the name of a difficult mountain road located in Hezhang county of Bijie City, southwest China's Guizhou Province. It’s one of the famous Chinese tunnel roads.

Shibanhe Cliff Road

Located in a mountainous region of Guizhou Province, the Shibanhe Cliff Road is excavated on the cliff of Chuangou Dayan. The road is challenging and scary. Shibanhe village was linked to the world only with a narrow footpath called "Ladder Rock" until 2000, when the villagers decided to build a road to improve their connectivity with the rest of the world. It’s 4.5-meter-wide.

The road is totally paved with concrete. It’s 470-meter-long running between Chuangou and Yueliangdongcun. It’s totally impassable to bigger vehicles. The windows carved along the road offer wonderful views. The small villages that were once isolated from the rest of the world are now famous for their "wall-mounted roads", and tourists also travel there.
Road suggested by: jorge manuel gómez sánchez
Pic&video: 环华旅行记