Huilong-Hanging Tunnel is an epic road in Henan Province

Located in the prefecture-level city of Xinxiang, in Henan Province, China, the Huilong-Hanging Tunnel is a very challenging road. Be careful: this road is not for the sissies. It’s one of the famous Chinese tunnel roads.

Huilong-Hanging Tunnel

Nestled in the Southern Taihang Mountains, the road is also known as Huilong Wall Road,Huilong Wall-Mounted Highway and Huilong Hangbi Highway. It’s totally paved but very narrow. The winding road is 8km long on a steep cliff. It connects the provinces of Henan and Shanxi through the southern Taihang Mountains.

The most challenging section of the road is a 1-kilometer-long tunnel with a S shape, known as Huilong Tunnel. It’s 8 meters wide only. The construction of the tunnel began in November 1997 and was completed on January 10, 2002.
Road suggested by: jorge manuel gómez sánchez
Pic&video: Chinareisecom