Road X716

Driving the defiant X716 roads

716 County Road is a high mountain road located in Ngari Prefecture in China's Tibet Autonomous Region. There is a real risk of AMS (altitude-mountain-sickness). 

Located on southern Tibet, the road is totally unpaved. 4x4 vehicle required. It’s totally impassable in winters. On this road you're firmly on altitudes over 5.000m above the sea level. There is a real risk of AMS (altitude-mountain-sickness) and death due to Pulmonary Edema and Cerebral Edema. The entire area is little visited, partly due to its isolated location. The road is pretty steep, with some parts up to 12% of maximum gradient.
Remember this is a mountainous area, climbing up a high mountain, with a notorius absence of oxygen. The road runs from the village of Baga (Burang County) on the G219 Road to Xungba (Ngamring County) on the S301 Road. It’s 223 km (138 mile) long. The road tops out at 5.533m (18,152ft) above the sea level, at Naktse La.
Road suggested by: Jorge Manuel Gómez Sánchez



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