Mi La Mountain Tunnel: enjoy a tunnel among the clouds

Located in Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region, the Mi La Mountain Tunnel is one of the world’s highest vehicular tunnels at an average altitude of 4.752m (15,590ft) above the sea level.

Mi La Mountain Tunnel

The tunnel is part of the 400-km new Lhasa-Nyingchi highway. The whole tunnel is 5.72 km (3.56 mi) long. It’s totally paved and links the regional capital of Lhasa with Nyingchi. Construction of the tunnel started in 2015 and was completed on April 26, 2019.

The tunnel bypasses the infamous Mi La mountain pass, at 5.010m (16,437ft) above the sea level. The tunnel shorted the 18-km distance over the mountain to 5.7 km. The construction was not easy. Over 2.000 workers had to brave freezing weather, frequent floods and thin air. In addition, the construction workers faced the challenges of the inconvenience of transporting living and construction materials to the site.
Road suggested by: Jorge Manuel Gómez Sánchez
Pic: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/201904/26/WS5cc2ae72a3104842260b897e.html