What are the highest roads in Bhutan?

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a very mountainous country located in south-central Asia, on the eastern ridges of the Himalayas. It is about 47,000 kilometres - roughly the size of Switzerland. The country is a rugged land of steep mountains and deep valleys.

Highest roads of Bhutan

It’s bounded by India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Tibetan autonomous region of China. Many mountain peaks in northern Bhutan reach heights of over 7.000 meters. Bhutan ranges in elevation from 100m along the indian border to the 7.554m Kulha Gangri peak on the Tibetan border. The climate in Bhutan is extremely varied.

Highest roads in Bhutan

Mountain pass Elevation District  Surface 
Xia Quepu 5.400m (17,716ft) Gasa Gravel
Namgung La 4.830m (15,846ft) Lhuntse Gravel
Chele La 3.796m (12,454ft) Paro Asphalt
Thrumshing La 3.752m (12,309ft) Lhuntse Asphalt
Thrimshing La 3.682m (12,080ft) Bumthang Asphalt
Shertang La 3.573m (11,722ft) Bumthang Asphalt
Pele La TV repeater 3.568m (11,706ft)  Wangdue P. Gravel
Yotong La TV repeater 3.521m (11,551ft)  Bumthang Gravel
Yotong La 3.436m (11,272ft) Bumthang  Asphalt
Pele La 3.423m (11,230ft) Wangdue P. Asphalt