Dochu La

Dochu La

Dochu La is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3.126m (10,255ft) above the sea level, located in the Thimphu District of Bhutan.

The road to the summit is asphalted and pretty steep, with hundreds of turns. It’s called Thimphu-Punakha Highway. At the summit 108 chortens (stupas) were built in memory of Bhutanese soldiers killed in the 2003 war against insurgents from India. It can be closed anytime due to bad weather.
Located in the Himalayas mountain range, this route is not recommended if your passengers are prone to car sickness. The pass is today one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, especially since it’s located on the way between Thimphu and the old capital of Bhutan, Punakha. Notorius lack of oxygen that tests the organisms and a high degree of steepness. Most people feel altitude sickness at around 2,500-2,800 meters. A major hazard of altitude is the sickness that can indiscriminately affect anyone regardless of age or fitness. Climbing too high, too fast increases the risk of altitude sickness. Extremely low oxygen for engine combustion.

High winds blow here all year long. There’s a small, clean and cozy restaurant near the pass. The pass is a popular location among tourists as it offers a stunning 360 degree panoramic view of Himalayan mountain range. The view is especially scenic on clear, winter days with snowcapped mountains forming a majestic backdrop to the tranquility of the 108 chortens gracing the mountain pass.


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