Travelling the cliff road from Afurca to Tengealti

Located in the Quba Rayon of Azerbaijan, a dangerous cliff road runs along the Velvele River, from Afurca to Tengealti.

Afurca-Tengealti road

The mountain road is totally unpaved and narrow, with dangerous drop offs over the the Velvele River. This cliff road is really scary. Unprotected by guardrails, this mule track runs through the Tengealti canyon. In some sections it’s totally impassable for 2 cars at the same time. The road is 7.2 km (4.47 miles) long, running north-south from Tengealti to Afurgha (also known as Afurca).
Pic: عبدالحميد بن خنين / مدينة الدلم