How to get by car to Lake Goygol in Azerbaijan?

Lake Göygöl is a high mountain lake at an elevation of 1.556m (5,104ft) above sea level, located in the region of Ganja-Gazakh, in Azerbaijan

Lake Göygöl

Where is Lake Göygöl?

Located in the western part of the country, in the midst of the dense forests of Göygöl Milli Parkı (Goygol National Park), in the Murovdag Mountains, the lake—literally translated as "the Blue Lake"—was formed as a result of a huge earthquake in 1139. 

How long is the road to Lake Göygöl in Azerbaijan?

Starting from the R19 Road, near Toghanali, the drive is 5.6 km (3.47 miles) long. The road—constructed in 2017—is largely well-sealed if occasionally steep. A challenging gravel road at the lake leads to the higher, arguably more beautiful, and much less developed Lake Maralgöl, 7 km beyond.

Is Lake Göygöl in Azerbaijan worth it?

There are many excellent photo opportunities along the road. The drive offers delightful views of the peculiar Mt Kyapaz and its attractive forest scenery. Due to its beauty, the crystal-clear water lake has been an inspiration for many novels, poems, and music bands. The lake is a major tourist attraction during the spring and summer seasons. Avoid visiting this place during the weekends to stay clear of crowds. On the northern edge of the lake, there is a mountain health resort of the same name.
Pic: Tarzan Əsgərov