Mount Vayots

A wild road to Mount Vayots, an extinct volcano

Mount Vayots (Vayots Sar) is an extinct volcano located in the Vayots Dzor Province of Armenia.

The road to the volcano is gravel and allows to descend to the crater. 4x4 vehicles only. Great trail for experienced wheelers. Avoid driving in this area if unpaved mountain roads aren't your strong point. The road climbs up to 2.586m (8,484ft) before descending into the crater.

Stay away if you're scared of heights. Expect a trail pretty steep. Wet conditions may make for tough driving along the muddy road. In the deep crater there’s a small chapel. The weather is unpredictable here, and if you are driving along a dry autumn road it doesn’t mean that in 300 metres you won’t get in winter with snow-covered mountains and hills and snow glistening like diamonds.
Pic: Michael Menshikoff