The road to Vorotan Pass, not recommended if you're prone to car sickness

Vorotani Lerrnants'k' is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.344m (7,690ft) above the sea level, located in the Vayots Dzor Province of Armenia.

Vorotan Pass

The road to the summit, also known as Voroton Pass, is asphalted but pretty steep. It’s called M-2. This route is not recommended if your passengers are prone to car sickness. It’s a solitary paved road snaking up from the gorges of Yeghegnadzor. Do not travel this road in severe weather conditions. The weather is unpredictable here, and if you are driving along a dry autumn road it doesn’t mean that in 300 metres you won’t get in winter with snow-covered mountains and hills and snow glistening like diamonds.

The pass links the villages of Saravan (in the Vayots Dzor Province) and Gorayk (in the Syunik Province). With such a high summit altitude the road can be closed anytime due to snowfalls. The zone is prone to heavy mist and can be dangerous in low visibility conditions. At the summit there are a couple of curious Inca-style monuments on either side of the pass, as well as the fountain, very attractive to truck drivers.