Noravank Monastery: a paved narrow road

Noravank is a 13th-century Armenian monastery, located in the Vayots Dzor Province, in Southern Armenia.

Noravank monastery

Located in a mountainous area, the road to the monastery is paved but pretty narrow, running through a narrow gorge carved by the Gnishik river. It’s called Noravank Monastery Road. Nestled in a peaceful valley, the road to get there is up through a canyon, and ends by the monastery which was founded in 1205 by Bishop Hovhannes, the former Abbot of Vahanavank. Armenia, as the world’s first Christian country, is extremely rich in monuments of spiritual culture. Many combine the visit to the monastery with a stop at Khor Virap and a winery.

Starting from E117 road near Areni village, the road is 7.6km long going deep through the Noravank canyon. Literally translated from Armenian, Noravank means “New Monastery”. Pay special attention to the writings and alphabet at the monastery. Throughout history, the monastery has survived attacks from Mongols and the Timurid dynasty, as well as a major earthquake in 1340. The road may seem long but never boring, as on the way, you can admire the Armenian landscapes and stop in different villages.
Pic: Alex Koledaev