A steep paved road to Meghri Pass

Meghri Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.535m (8,316ft) above sea level, located in Syunik province of Armenia.

Meghri Pass

Where is Meghri Pass?

The pass is located in the southern part of the country, within the Arevik National Park, on the main road connecting south of Armenia (and Iran) with Yerevan. The pass itself offers an amazing vista over mountain landscape in Southern Armenia to nearby Iran and Azerbaijan. The route is spectacular with endless switchbacks and rugged mountains as far as the eye can see. To the west of the pass, a minor gravel road climbs up to Tashtuni Lernants’k’, a high mountain peak at an elevation of 2.489m (8,166ft) above sea level. 

Is Meghri Pass in Armenia paved?

The road through the pass is fully paved. It's called M2. It’s very curvy and pretty steep. It’s said to be the highest paved road in the country. The pass is 72.6 km (45.11 miles) long, running from Meghri to Kapan.

How challenging is Meghri Pass in winters?

During harsh winters the road is often blocked by snow. The road is dangerous due the extreme weather: blizzard, strong winds, fog, low visibility, black ice on some road sections and danger of avalanche are common. The weather is unpredictable here, and if you are driving along a dry autumn road it doesn’t mean that in 300 metres you won’t get in winter with snow-covered mountains and hills and snow glistening like diamonds. 
Pic: Narek Sargsyan