The Wild Road to Jebel al-Harim in Oman

Jebel al-Harim (Mountain of Women) is a high mountain peak at an elevation of 2,056m (6,745ft) above sea level, located on the Musandam Peninsula in Oman.

Jebel al-Harim

Where is Jebel al-Harim?

The peak is located in the Musandam Governorate, in Northern Oman, bordering the United Arab Emirates.

Why is it called Jebel al-Harim?

The peak got its name from the days when local women would retreat to caves up here to avoid being carried off by pirates or rival tribes when men were away for hunting or fishing for a long time.

Is the road to Jebel al-Harim unpaved?

The road to the summit is totally unpaved and pretty rough with 9 switchbacks through limestone formations.

Can I drive to Jebel al-Harim?

The summit of the mountain is off-limits to the public as there is a radar station used for military purposes.

How long is the road to Jebel al-Harim?

Starting at Jabal Sayh Road, the road is 3.2 km (1.98 miles) long. This route is not suitable for normal cars. 4WD only. The road is brutally steep, hitting a 37% maximum gradient through some of the ramps.

Is Jebel al-Harim worth it?

The road runs through spectacular mountain landscapes and offers stunning views back to Khasab and onwards towards Dibba. The peak, also known as Jebel as-Sayh, is the highest mountain in Musandam. At this height, temperatures can fall here at night to freezing point. Be sure to have spare water and tires with you if you intend to drive to Jebel Al Harim.
Pic: shashank m