Driving the Scenic Desert Road to Moreeb Dune: UAE's Tallest Sand Giant

Located in the Al Dhafra region of Abu Dhabi, the Moreeb Dune, also known as Tal Moreeb, is one of the highest dunes in the world.

Moreeb Dune

Where is the Moreeb Dune?

Moreeb Dune is located near the Liwa Oasis at the Empty Quarter desert at the border of Saudi Arabia.

Why is Moreeb Dune famous?

It is the tallest dune in the UAE. Moreeb Dune is 5,250 feet long and 984 feet high, with a steep 50-degree slope. It’s well-known for hosting drag race competitions.

Is the road to Moreeb Dune paved?

The road is fully paved and starts on the Arada - Hamim Road (E90), to the south of Mzeerʻah. It’s 22 km (13.6 miles) long. Running through the desert, offers views of sand dunes before reaching Tal Mireb ("Horrifying Hill").

Where does Tal Mireb road end?

The paved road ends at the base of Tal Moreeb. The road, which is well-signposted with directions to 'Moreeb Dune' or 'Tal Mireb', ends in a parking lot. From there, visitors can see the dune. The road was built by the government to ensure accessibility to Moreeb Dune, even without a 4WD. Remember the road is frequently covered with sand due to the wind.