A slippery dangerous road to Wadi Mibam

Mibam, nestled in Oman's Ash Sharqiyah North Governorate, captivates with lush greenery, turquoise pools, and a stunning waterfall. This popular wadi, set in the Dakhiliyah region, promises a scenic 9.1 km drive from Tiwi, offering an adventurous journey to this scenic oasis.

Wadi Mibam

Why is Wadi Mibam Famous?

The wadi is known for its greenery and deep natural pools. With a stunning waterfall, a turquoise pool, and a scenery full of greenery, it is said to be one of the most beautiful wadis in Oman.

Where is Wadi Mibam Located?

The wadi is situated in the Dakhiliyah region, right at the center of the Tiwi mountains.

How Long is the Road to Wadi Mibam?

The road to the wadi is 9.1 km (5.65 miles) long, starting from Tiwi. It ends at a tiny parking lot.

Is the Road to Wadi Mibam Paved?

The road is entirely paved, but the surface is really poor in parts, running through quaint villages, barren mountains, and precarious cliffs.

Is the Road to Wadi Mibam Challenging?

The road is not easy, with countless turns and dangerously narrow parts. Please exercise caution while driving through this road. Be aware of vehicles coming in the opposite direction, and drive slowly and carefully. Without guardrails, the drop-offs are quite high in parts and can be intimidating.

Do You Need a 4x4 Vehicle to Drive to Wadi Mibam?

The road is very steep in places, and a 4x4 vehicle is recommended. Don't take a huge vehicle, as the road in some places is narrow. A 2WD vehicle can get you in trouble at any moment due to the slippery surface.

How Long Does it Take to Drive to Wadi Mibam?

The journey will require around 30 minutes.

When is the Best Time to Visit Wadi Mibam?

You can visit this place any time of the year, but don’t go immediately after heavy rainfall. Along the way, you’ll need to cross a stream. When wet, the road is very slippery and dangerous if you go just after a heavy shower.
Pic: Sam Peat