Driving Saudi Arabia's Highway 10, one of the world's longest straight roads

Located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Highway 10 is one of the longest straight roads in the world, with 255km (158 miles) of straightness.

Highway 10

How long is Highway 10 in Saudi Arabia?

The straight road, part of the main 1,475 kilometers long Highway 10, is 255km (158 mi) long, running west-east from Haradh (a city famous for its oil and natural gas) to Al Batha (near the UAE border). Built originally as a private road for King Fahd (SAU), the stretch of Highway 10 cuts through the Rub Al-Khali desert with no bends left or right, or any appreciable gradient up or down.

Is Highway 10 in Saudi Arabia the world's longest straight road?

Listed as the longest straight road in the Guinness World Records, the road is fully paved and heavily used for transporting goods across the desert, from the central and western regions of Saudi Arabia to the UAE. It’s a straight road running right through the desert for 2 h 25 min, without worrying about any curve or slope. It is mostly 2x2 lanes.

Pic: https://www.saudi-expatriates.com/2018/04/worlds-longest-straight-road-is-now-in-saudiarabia.html