How to travel the scenic Khasab Coastal Road

Khasab Coastal Road is a very scenic drive, offering rugged coastal views, located at the tip of the Musandam Peninsula by the Strait of Hormuz, in Oman.

Khasab Coastal Road

What is the Khasab Coastal Road?

Surrounded by the northern mountains of the Western Hajar Range, the road, also known as 02 Road, is totally paved running along the peninsula. Built in 2019, the road runs along the edge, with rock walls on one side and the ocean on the other side. To build this road, massive cuts had to be made in the rock walls comprising of thickly bedded to massive limestones. As a result, the street runs along steep and sometimes vertical rock cliffs of up to several hundred meters height- which in turn leads to a massive risk of falling rocks for road traffic. Before the coastal road was built, access to the area was almost impossible by land.

How long is the Khasab Coastal Road?

The road is 44.0 km (27.34 miles) long running north-south from Khasab (a port city on northern Oman’s Musandam Peninsula) to Tibat, near the UAE border. It is advisable to drive slowly due to the windy nature of the route. It is ideal for motorcyclists, because traffic is often sparse. This route follows the coast around the entire tip of the Arabian Peninsula, snaking its way through jagged mountainsides that overlook the sea.

Is the Khasab Coastal Road worth it?

The road hugs the Oman coastline and offers very scenic views. Plan 1 hour to complete the remarkable drive without stops, although you may want to block out extra time to stop, take photos and explore the region it passes through. Along the way you’ll have plenty opportunities to stop and soak up your surroundings. The road is lovely, with bays, harbors, mosques, forts, and beaches. Remember the area has very hot and humid summers and mild winters.

Pic: Victor Mukhanov